Backyard Confessions: The Language of Music

Music is truly a universal language and being a musician myself, I know the joy it brings to myself and to others. On a recent trip to LA, I got to catch up with the one and only, Jonathan Marquez, better known as BeatsbyJon on your favorite social media outlets

An order of “Simple Life” on the rocks, please.

*Ding, ding, ding* – I swear this sound makes me want to throw my iPhone across the room on a Saturday morning. Alas, it’s Memorial Day weekend and the epic retail sales have begun and these special sales are being blasted to my inbox. Can’t a girl just sleep in

#TransformationTuesday – I gave in.

Yes. What you see below is real, and yes my jaw is on the floor. Now, with that being said, when it comes to putting my mind to something, I am VERY dedicated. It is not easy, but the rewards I have already been swimming in during the last two

Feeding off of Feeling Good – Sam’s Journey to a Bikini Body

Alright, it’s March – I’m absolutely telling  SCREAMING at you to put down those Thin Mint and Samoa’s you just ordered from the Girl Scouts. Not really, but you might reconsider once you read about Sam’s journey to the NPC bikini competition.  I had the privilege to be in NYC

Fashionably Fun – Fashion Week February

February is the shortest month of the year, having only 28 days, but I feel like it has been the busiest month of 2014. I’m so happy to be crossing one thing off of my New Years Resolution List, starting this blog. It will be interesting to see what the

True Life: I’m married to my dreams.

You must think I’m crazy, married to my dreams?! “Someone get this chick back to reality ASAP!” I must be some crazy, work-a-holic psycho who wants to be rich and famous. Truth is, I am a work-a-holic, but being married to my dreams has brought more joy, opportunity, and love

Vanity Confessions: How to Get My Smokey Eye Look

It’s finally here! The tutorial that you all have requested and waited patiently for…my very own smokey eye tutorial. It’s very easy to get a great smokey eye, but it may take a little bit of practice to get it just right for your eye shape. Don’t fret! It will

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