I was born this way.

Hello World!

I know that you all are desperately awaiting another entry, but I’ve been so busy it’s almost impossible to keep up! I urge you to follow my official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for a day by day play of my life.

The best part about a blog, however, is that I can put all of my feelings into one place. My experiences thus far have been nothing short of memorable. I knew that when I became Miss Maine USA that my year would go by so quickly, but I didn’t realize HOW quick. February and March have been FULL of appearances. Just to name a few I had the privilege to travel to New York City and attend the Sherri Hill Fashion Show, Host a New York Fashion Week Emerging Trends after party, visit with the kids at Camp Sunshine, Perform twice to the children at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, attend Portland’s Kidabaloo event, walk in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, judge the Miss East Coast pageant, attend the Miss Pink pageant where women graced the stage with bold confidence having fought or are still facing breast cancer, walked in the Diamond Wishes “Make a Wish” fashion show, and so much more.

IMG_2160 IMG_2331 IMG_2469 IMG_2570 IMG_3011 IMG_3104 IMG_3289 IMG_3284 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3792 IMG_3858 IMG_3973 IMG_4004 IMG_4060

I am a busy individual, but my time management skills are on point. I’m so excited and blessed to have been presented with such amazing opportunities already, that I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

One appearance that I had the opportunity to speak at, has been one of the most rewarding. This was my visit to Lewiston High School’s “Beauty Club”. Prior to visiting, I posted a photo of myself so that the public could see what I look like without makeup. A lot of girls have done this, and it has reminding me of my purpose and what I love sharing with others – the fact that your confidence and beauty always needs to come from within. You should always feel beautiful whether you are in full hair and makeup or bare-faced.

IMG_4523 (2)

I put together a video featuring part of my speech at Lewiston High School and I hope you all enjoy it and learn that you are all #ConfidentlyBeautiful. Covergirl cosmetics helped me bring my event to life by supplying each of the girls with liptsicks to take with them! Thank you so much for everything that you do to empower women!




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