I nominate EVERYONE to follow their dreams.

I got to crown a princess yesterday.

I got to crown a princess yesterday. Maybe one day she’ll be the next Miss Maine USA.

February 8th, 2015 – a chance of another foot of snow. That’s usually how winters go in Maine. Lots of snow and no where to put it, but I do have to say this makes the best blogging weather. I’m posted up at Coffee by Design in Portland, ME and my almond milk latte is the fuel to my fire.

So much has happened this past January and February! From two bridal shows, the crowing of my new sister queens Miss New Hampshire USA 2015 (Samantha Poirier) and Miss New Hampshire Teen USA (Ellie Lathram), Miss Universe in Miami, a photoshoot with the talented Benizo and Bianca C, a JROTC Comedy Show in Lewiston Maine, the Muscular Dystrophy Association event in Boston, and Kidabaloo just yesterday in Portland, Maine with my lovely little sister, Miss Maine Teen USA (Skyler Gaudette). Whew, I can’t believe I just spit all of that out! You can see most of my photos on my official Facebook page (Miss Maine USA).

Although I’m tremendously busy, I’m incredibly happy, and still have to pinch myself on a daily basis because I have been living out dreams that I have worked for since my childhood. I should be going into more detail about these appearances (and I promise you I will in my next post), but I feel compelled to share what is on my heart.

Most of you may or may not know, but I have been first runner up at the Miss Maine USA pageant three years in a row. You must be thinking, “Three Years?! This clearly isn’t in the cards for you, why are you wasting your time?” The truth is, I wasn’t wasting my time at all. I was growing, learning more about myself year after year. Even though I accumulated a wonderful wardrobe, hair and makeup skills, and a catwalk – I gained more on the inside. I challenged myself and I wanted to encourage everyone to stay persistent and to never give up in life. It wasn’t my time to win, it was meant for each of those girls who wore the crown before me. We all have a journey, so embrace it and support each other!

Miss Maine USA 2012

Miss Maine USA 2012

Miss Maine USA 2013

Miss Maine USA 2013

Miss Maine USA 2014

Miss Maine USA 2014

There are so many wonderful things to experience in life, and the truth is, EVERYONE is fully capable of doing this. It is applicable to everything we do in life, whether we want that job promotion, we’re preparing for a marathon, trying out for a sports team, etc. Everyone has goals, but we tend to, often, give up on them. We tend to look at how far we have to go, rather than looking at how far we have gotten.

12 year old me wearing the crown of a Miss Maine.

12 year old me wearing the crown of a Miss Maine.

I was twelve years old when I put Judy Sewall’s Miss Maine crown on as a kid. I didn’t think I was beautiful, in fact I hated the day I had to get glasses. A beauty queen was never something I imagined I would be. We all have growing pains, but I held on to what I knew best, and that was myself. I always pushed myself from a young age to work on achieving great things. I was and still am an active musician. I absolutely love it, and although I didn’t make it my career (yet), it’s my humble escape. I would enter musical competitions, travel to other countries performing, and even had the privilege of attending Florida State University’s College of Music. By reaching inward and realizing all that I have already accomplished, I knew that I could do anything else.

Once you realize who you are on the inside, the outside is easy, remember that. That’s the best piece of advice I would give anyone. You can only get so far with appearance.

Photo by: Benizo and Hair/MU by: Bianca C

Photo by: Benizo and Hair/MU by: Bianca C

With all of that, I want to thank you again for reading, encouraging me, and being a part of a journey that is so special to me.

Always and forever,

Heather Elwell

Miss Maine USA 2015


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