An order of “Simple Life” on the rocks, please.

*Ding, ding, ding* – I swear this sound makes me want to throw my iPhone across the room on a Saturday morning. Alas, it’s Memorial Day weekend and the epic retail sales have begun and these special sales are being blasted to my inbox. Can’t a girl just sleep in and not check her email for one day? Well, yes she can and that is exactly what I did. That’s right, no email AT all, everything just needs to wait because life is too short to miss out on what God has given us – and right now it’s a cup of coffee and a sunny and sixty-five degree day in Maine.


This winter has been down right, dreadful…to be honest I don’t even know if dreadful is the right word, there are NO words. I’ve been watching the endless line of campers trickle down the road to set up camp at the local Meadowbook campground, where they’ll stay all summer. The lilacs just started to bloom and I have a small vase of Lily of the Valley on my desk where the sweet aroma not only tickles my nostrils, but the white bells are just so darn cute. It’s still a bit chilly (but sixty-five degrees gets me in shorts), but when the sun is out, it is glorious. There is nothing like having my morning cup of coffee on the front lawn while listening to the birds singing in the trees. Dandelions dance between the soft grass (that needs to be cut) and everything is still. That’s how I like it, a break from a life that can be draining and hectic and full of obstacles, but being still is a joy.

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I’ve begun to notice how there’s been a lot of moments in my life where I see people revolving their everyday lives around material possessions. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and a new pair of heels or running shoes are pretty dope (Dope: neat, awesome, totally cool – in no way is this a drug reference) but I find that the best times in my life have revolved around the simple joys I can find right in my own back yard. Mornings and afternoons are filled with kayaking in the cove, seagulls flying, and the grill going in the backyard where my family cooks up quite a feast. I finally dove deep into a book while lying on the dock listening to water wander up the heated mud flats as the tide rolled in. This is the life. It’s my life and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such free beauty. Beauty that money can’t buy – send me an email about that why don’t ya!


(I hope this video gives you a small glimpse of what my little piece of Heaven is like)

Since it finally stays light out until 8pm, my runs have migrated from the treadmill to the trails, where my glutes are challenged and the crisp cool air that follows the setting sun is like having a portable air conditioner. Not to mention catching the setting sun is nothing short of remarkable and will not fit in any shopping bag, biodegradable included.


Life is often so crazy and hectic that we often times forget just to sit and just be. Work consumes our minds 24/7, traveling adds miles to not only our cars, but our bodies, plans are made and then broken, and simple everyday tasks become so daunting. I’ve started realizing how fast the time goes by as we get older, it’s almost too scary! I’m glad that I have been raised to appreciate where I come from and that money can’t buy you happiness.

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My wish is that you can take a step back and be thankful to be still.  Even if you don’t like to do all of the hiking, boating and fishing that I like to do, make sure you get to your happy place and don’t take it for granted. It’s what living is all about.

Meet our new farm animals, Mr. Bean and Zo

Meet our new farm animals, Mr. Bean and Zo



Until the next email,

Xo Heather



  1. Aunt Maureen says:

    Excellent writing, thoughts & advice! Love it…love you! xo

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