True Life: I’m married to my dreams.

You must think I’m crazy, married to my dreams?! “Someone get this chick back to reality ASAP!” I must be some crazy, work-a-holic psycho who wants to be rich and famous. Truth is, I am a work-a-holic, but being married to my dreams has brought more joy, opportunity, and love into my life than flashy Benjamins could buy.

I’m committed, I have faith, and I truly believe in everything that I do. Being “married” to my dreams has allowed me to explore all of my emotions (the good, the bad, the ugly – but mostly good), given me friendships that are fruitful and inspiring (thank you for accepting me for me), and have allowed me to grow in so many different ways.

A good friend inspired me to write this post. It started with a text message after an exhausting week at work whilst heading towards a long train ride home. My friend, Samantha Katz, has been working towards a new dream of hers: competing in an NPC Bikini Competition (what a beast!).

Sam and I making a New Years resolution that our lives will change in 2014.

Sam and I making a New Years resolution that our lives will change in 2014.

After comparing apples and oranges about what it feels like to be on a bikini in front of a TON of people (pageants vs. the NPC), the one area of discussion that we couldn’t stray from talking about was how emotionally taxing working towards a dream can be. It is not easy at all. Most people don’t understand what it is like to put yourself out there and come to terms that you need to work for what you want! Not saying that everyone is going to be working towards prancing a stage in a bikini, but everyone has dreams. Whether it is acing your next test, getting a job promotion, walking a runway, winning a pageant, becoming a mom/dad–they all fuel us to be better, only if you look at things in the right perspective.

I’m a firm believer that negative thoughts bring negative actions. Life is too short, so get your mind straight, think positive and BE THANKFUL. I can’t stress this enough. Be thankful that you are alive, every single day. Life is precious, so make sure you tell those that you love them and remember that even if you experience  a setback while chasing a dream, it is all about the journey. Setbacks are where the greatest accomplishments of life take place. I encourage you to keep your dreams alive, there is nothing to be scared and other’s opinions don’t matter. You need to choose greatness and set those goals, big or small.

Sam shared a quote that has been fueling her fire, and I hope it sparks yours…

“So I’m sure you’ve had a million people tell you that you need a balance right? At least I have. People saying that you shouldn’t stay in every night because it’s not normal- blah, blah. Yes, you can achieve balance, and as I said, this isn’t a bad goal. All I’m saying is that you can either be balanced, or you can be great. Show me one great person who achieved balance at the time of their greatness. To be in the top 10% of anything requires a selfish, fanatical drive that most people will never understand, let alone possess”

Sam doing her thing!

Sam doing her thing!

 Now, you’re probably all thinking – man, I’m not reading ALL of this lengthy post. That’s totally okay by me! I’m grateful that I can share my own experiences while sharing all of the amazing things that I see people doing. 

My good friend, Melanie Mackey, from Florida State (we are National Champs – what what!), has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today. It wasn’t too long ago where we were bartending in cowboy boots every Friday night to put ourselves through school and fuel our gas-guzzling SUV’s. This girl has her Master’s, she can sing and play at least 4 instruments that I know about, and she’s not stopping! Mel wanted me to mention that she has failed her board exam (a HUGE test that is super difficult) two times. However, she is NOT letting that stop her. Bring it on, test number 3! I know she’s going to be a fabulous Music Therapist one day, there is no other option.

Schmel (that's my nickname for her)

Schmel (that’s my nickname for her)

Now, this guy, he’s super special- Rodrick Covington. We met at a Bible Study and he has basically become my brother. The heart on this guy cannot compare to anyone else that I know. He constantly loves – EVERYONE. Not to mention he is super buff personal trainer (for all inquiries on how you can get super lean and mean, message within) but he is an actor AND an exceptional, knock-your-socks-off singer. I am blessed to see this guy continuing a journey so exciting and I can’t wait to see what is next.

We just swag.

We just swag.

Gosh, now for this bunch of Houligans…I’m really kidding (I think). I think the first solid conversation I had when meeting, talented photographer, Tye, was about his dream. He was shooting an editorial for Tuxen a.k.a Chris Petersen a.k.a Slim Shady’s brother, when I first met him. See the epic editorial here ( We discussed over dinner how we each dealt with a setback while on the journey to achieving our dreams. It’s healthy to let people know about the struggle, because in the struggle you find the people that help bring you to your success. There is no doubt that your name isn’t going to be top of mind at all of these agencies.

Tuxen - Me - Justin Bieber - Tye

Tuxen – Me – Justin Bieber – Tye

Now y’all already know the major details about Mr. CP (Chris Petersen) from his previous interview on my blog. However, he stays super humble when talking about some of his major accomplishments. I mean, he’s walked for all of these major designers (Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, the list goes on), traveled the world (see the famous Ibeza, Spain in this Just Cavalli promo) and he’s pretty hilarious. He can rap, ball, cook mean chicken and broccoli, and pretty soon he’s going to be the next Clark Kent on the big screen, watch out!

chris heather

Now, this guy must be ‘west-coast’ chillin’, but I think chillin’ is the least of what’s going on in his life right now. Melton (Charles Melton) has been on the dream-chasing prowl. He just shot his first fragrance campaign with Kenneth Cole, shot a pilot for a new show, and was a guest on Glee?! He’s been blessed, but he works hard – and part of his work ethic includes giving back and remaining thankful. Melton is a giver, he is the first person there when someone is in need, no matter what the circumstance. When you surround yourself with supportive people, you create a positive force to be reckoned with. A strong support system is what we need in our marriage with our dreams.

This is the picture that was taken right after Melton and I chatted about my hosting career and starting this blog. For this, I thank YOU!

This is the picture that was taken right after Melton and I chatted about my hosting career and starting this blog. For this, I thank YOU!

I could go on and on about the numerous amount of people who have influenced my life in my “marriage”, but I think you’re all probably exhausted from reading this post. That’s okay, go get yourself a black coffee (the only kind you should drink) and get GOING! The one piece of advice that I want to leave you with is that you should ALWAYS follow your dreams. Seems super corny, but I assure you, it makes your short, Earthly, life worth it. #2014 is the motto and as Nike says, “Just Do It”.


Heather Elwell


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