Vanity Confessions: Fresh Friday Night

1. Set the Hair 2. Put on the Face 3. Tease the Hair 4. Set the Hair with Spray

1. Set the Hair 2. Put on the Face 3. Tease the Hair 4. Set the Hair with Spray

“TGIF” and “Happy Friday” are usually how most of my morning emails sound when I’m sipping on my black coffee (Yes I drink black coffee). Since I spend most of my life in front of a computer or traveling, Friday’s are like a large chocolate bar that you get to consume without worrying about calories or how many miles you will need to run on the treadmill to burn off a piece of this delicious-y goodness.

With that being said, I like to spend my Friday nights outside of the workplace and without worry. A great dinner with friends, a date with S.O.S (someone special), an event, movie, or even a night alone is one that you should always be prepared for. Luckily, the simplest preparation can be with how quickly you can physically be ready. All you need is one hour. You will be ready to either walk the red carpet or take a stroll down the street for a Slurpee and pack of Reese’s  (I must really be craving chocolate if I’ve already mentioned it at least twice in this post) at the 7-11 for a scary movie night marathon (perhaps with a lover or alone if you are brave).

Step 1: Always have the staple “Little Black Dress” that you can pop on at the drop of a hat. I have two- one that is more casual and one with an open back. Blazers, Denim jackets, and accessories all work so nicely to achieve the desired look.

Step 2: Get that curling iron plugged in and prep the hair by spraying a fine mist of Hair Spray from root to ends. My favorite is Magnified Volume by Chi, seen below.

Magnified Volume

Magnified Volume

3. Once the hair is prepped, take your curling iron and go to town! I section off my hair and curl a 1.5″ piece at a time. While the curl is still hot, I secure each piece with a small metal clip to my head. 

metal clip

A bag of hairclips on Amazon is less than $5!

4. Time to prep the face. While your hair is looking much like that of George Washington’s era, soak a beauty blender in water and ring out all excess moisture. Then using your foundation of choice, lightly buff the magical liquid  all over your face. My absolute favorite foundation, for maximum coverage, is Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation. I follow up with a light contour using a matte bronzer and then I set the complexion with Makeup Forever’s HD Finishing Powder. No oil here!

Beauty Blender $18, but many variations can be found cheaper at TJMaxx or on

Beauty Blender $18, but many variations can be found cheaper at TJMaxx or on

MakeUp Forever HD Foundation found at Sephora

MakeUp Forever HD Foundation found at Sephora

5. One thing that I MOST important in the beauty world is getting that perfectly shaped eyebrow. Whether you pluck, wax, or thread- make sure that you are doing your research to see what works for you. I swear by Benefit’s Brow Bar, which uses a combination of waxing and plucking. After unwanted hairs are removed and you have a seamless shape, it’s time to fill and define the brows. My go-to is Makeup Forever’s Aqua Brow. Using a small amount and an angled brush, line and fill in any sparse areas.

Aqua Brow - this product lasts for over a year!

Aqua Brow – this product lasts for over a year!

6. Next we move from the brows to the eyes, one of the best facial features in my opinion. I’m the biggest fan of eye shadows (owning more than 30 palettes) and perfecting that perfect smokey eye. I will be honest, it takes a lot of practice, but I promise I’ll post a video soon! My palette of choice is Urban Decay’s Original Naked Palette. Believe it or not, I’ve had mine for almost 4 YEARS! With the right tools, palette and practice it should take you less than 5 minutes to achieve a captivating glare. 

Urban Decay's Original Naked Palette

Urban Decay’s Original Naked Palette

7. Once you have your eyes smoked and ready, finish with a bold black liner on the top and a deep brown on the bottom (my personal choice). The liquid liner that I swear by is Stila’s Liquid Eyeliner. It lasts all day -morning, noon, gym, and night- and doesn’t  run!


8. After lining your eyes, it’s time to seal the deal. Now, depending on your plans for the evening, you’ll have to decide how much you want to play up your look. If you plan on being in photos and under bright lights, false eyelashes make a world of difference! Ardell lashes and duo glue always do the trick. For $3-$4 dollars you can’t go wrong! I do not recommend lash extensions, since they tend to pull out what God has naturally given you!

Ardell Lashes

Ardell Lashes

9. Lip gloss is the last thing that you need to apply before your Fresh Friday Night look is ready to go. This can even be applied when you’re running out the door, a less than 15 second application! One gloss that I have been hooked on since high school is Bare Essentials Buxom lip gloss. It not only plumps , but leave a cool minty fresh feeling on your oh-so-kissable lips! My personal color is Dolly (see below).

Buxom Lip Gloss - Dolly

Buxom Lip Gloss – Dolly

10. You have less than 10 minutes until time is up, but no worries you are ready to complete the finishing touches. Take out all of the hair clips that are securing your lovely locks and run your fingers through your hair from root to end. Using a teasing comb, lightly add volume to the crown of your head and secure all loose strands with a finishing spray. Having once lived in Florida, my go-to holding spray is Big Sexy Spray and Play. This spray will withstand ANY weather.

Big Sexy Spray and Play

Big Sexy Spray and Play

For a Friday night, you can’t go wrong! I’m happy to share all of my favorite products with you, and even MORE excited to start sharing video blogs on how to specifically use some of these products. Please leave any questions or comments in the spaces below.

Xo- Heather



  1. annahutton says:

    I can’t wait for the smokey eye tutorial!

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    I like dis.

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